Parliament of Kosovo ratifies a resolution aiming at stopping illegal migration

Parliament of Kosovo ratifies a resolution aiming at stopping illegal migration

Pristina, February 5, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Parliament of Kosovo has ratified today a resolution to stop illegal migration. This resolution was proposed by AAK and was backed by the majority of parliamentary parties.

69 MPs voted in favor of the resolution, two voted against and two abstained.

Donika Kadaj-Bujupi, from AAK, mentioned some of the actions that must be taken by the institutions of Kosovo based on this resolution.

“The government must make more efforts to create new jobs, to allocate the fund for preventing illegal migration, to provide customs concessions, tax reliefs, real subsidies for domestic producers and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare must engage more for the seasonal employment of Kosovo’s citizens in European countries”, said Kadaj.

Kadaj also read the other points of the resolution.

“Ministry of Interior and Police are obliged to prevent criminal groups. Ministry of Integration must inform citizens on migration, government must deliver the criteria for the liberalization of visas and continue the process of repatriation with the countries where the citizens of Kosovo have migrated”, said Kadaj-Bujupi.

The resolution was backed by both majority and opposition.

“We have taken active part in drafting the resolution. The migration issue is the most worrying issue that concerns Kosovo and the government, parliament and all institutions must address it”, said Ilmi Recica MP.

Meanwhile, Ismet Beqiri from LDK declared that he hopes that the trend of migration changes.

“I hope that this negative trend stops. LDK’s parliamentary group backs this resolution”, said Beqiri.

Self Determination too has supported the resolution.

“The situation is worrying and it’s a matter of urgency that the government implements these obligations”, declared Albulena Haxhiu from Self Determination. /ibna/