Parliament of Kosovo, far from meeting its legislative agenda

Parliament of Kosovo, far from meeting its legislative agenda

Pristina, 23 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Parliament of Kosovo has only one month remaining until the spring session, but the legislative agenda is far from being met.

According to the platform which monitors parliament, called “My Vote”, parliament has only delivered 19% of the legislative agenda, when there’s only one month until the end of the spring session.

MPs and monitors have addressed criticism for the small number of sessions being held. Those who monitor the work of parliament criticize the loss of the necessary dynamic of work by parliament.

Even this week, parliament will not hold any plenary sessions, in spite of the fact that a number of bills are expecting to be examined.

Almost half of communes are not represented in Parliament

The system with only one electoral constituency that Kosovo has, has led to a number of communes to remain unrepresented in the parliament of Kosovo.

Although in 2011, parliament had approved a resolution which supports the creation of more electoral constituencies which would guarantee a better representation of all communes. Since that time, the electoral reform was never conducted.

According to “My Vote” platform which monitors the work of the Parliament of Kosovo, the 2014 electoral results brought MPs from 22 communes, while the other 16 remaining communes of Kosovo do not have any MPs. /