Parliament of Kosovo is not doing its job, says KDI

Parliament of Kosovo is not doing its job, says KDI

Pristina, March 5, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s Democratic Institute (KDI) says that during the past three months, since parliament was reconstituted, a low working dynamic has been noticed.

KDI declared this through a report published in relation to the work of the parliament of Kosovo in the past three months.

According to KDI, Kosovo’s parliament is not doing its job, because MPs are not raising too many important issues for discussion and so far, only one bill has been voted.

“These three months, we have seen a very low dynamic in the parliament of Kosovo. No bill has been voted, apart from the bill on budget, which was obligatory and we only have two bills which are being discussed”, said Jetmir Bakia from KDI.

Meanwhile, Driton Selmanaj from KDI said that MPs are being irresponsible.

“This excess comfort shows that MPs are being irresponsible with voters and people of Kosovo. Although six months went by in a political crisis, during the past three months, parliament hasn’t even been able to appoint Boards of Directors of public institutions and enterprises in Kosovo”, Selmanaj said.

He said that the government of Kosovo must at once find a solution with the Serb List in order for this party to come back to parliament. According to him, their absence in the future may block important issues, which may be sent to parliament. /ibna/