Parliament of Kosovo is dispersed

Parliament of Kosovo is dispersed

Pristina, May 7, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Lawmakers in the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo have backed the motion of 55 MPs for the dissolution of Parliament. 80 votes were needed for the dissolution of parliament.

Following a harsh debate between the heads of parliamentary groups as to whether the government should be overthrown or whether parliament should be dispersed, the latter happened with 90 votes in favor, 4 against and three abstains, thus giving way to early elections.

The MP from the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Arsim Bajrami has demanded on behalf of the parliamentary group that requested an extraordinary session for the dissolution of Parliament, the deliberation of this motion.

He said that PDK backs this motion with the responsibility that it has to preserve the stability of institutions.

“We’re aware of the fact that parliament must be functional, therefore we demand from all political parties to back this option, in order to give way to early, free and democratic elections”, declared he.

The parliamentary group of the main opposition party, Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), although it criticized the work of the cabinet of prime minister Hashim Thaci, has backed the motion for the dissolution of parliament, by causing the heads of other parliamentary groups to accuse it for an “affair” with PDK.

“LDK has demanded for several months for the elections to be held in June. We believe that this parliament will decide to give way to the elections. The essence of all this is to head toward elections and to oust this government which is present in this parliament today”, said the head of the parliamentary group of LDK, Ismet Beqiri.

Parliamentary group of Self Determination has voted against the dissolution of parliament, claiming that the overthrow of the government should have been in the order of the day and not the dissolution of parliament. Visar Ymeri MP from Self Determination has criticized the main opposition party, LDK for bailing out the government.

Meanwhile, parliamentary group of AAK, which criticized the lack of cooperation from the two other opposition parties, LDK and Self Determination, has demanded a 10 minute break in order to submit another motion for the overthrow of the government, but the speaker of parliament, Jakup Krasniqi has demanded for the order of the day to be respected.

New Kosovo Alliance, ally to the government coalition, has accused LDK for an agreement with PDK and has objected to the dissolution of parliament, by reiterating the fact that the possibilities for fraud in the next elections remain great.

At the end of the declarations of the heads of parliamentary groups, prime minister Hashim Thaci got on the podium and said that the decision to dissolve parliament is necessary to be taken today bearing in mind the latest developments.

According to the PM, the main reason for this is the inability of this parliament to establish the Armed Forces of Kosovo and other decisions which this parliament has not been able to take.

The prime minister said that parliament must be credible, but as such, it must be dissolved and all measures should be taken to hold early, free and democratic elections.

Under the Constitution, elections can be held no later than 45 days following parliament’s dissolution. /ibna/