Parliament of Kosovo approved the 2017 budget

Parliament of Kosovo approved the 2017 budget

With a majority of votes, parliament of Kosovo has approved the 2017 budget, which amounts to 2 billion euros.

Following a long debate on Thursday’s session, 70 out of 78 MPs voted in favor of the approval of the budget.

Minister of Finance, Avdullah Hoti said that the budget had the full approval by the International Monetary Fund.

Minister Hoti said that “based on the evaluations of the Ministry of Finance, economic growth for 2017 is expected to amount to 4.4%”.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa has invited MPs to vote the 2017 budget, as, like he said, this is a budget that guarantees development.

“This budget reflects the reforms and the advancement of macro-economic indicators and the improvement of doing business. Through this budget, which for the first time amounts to over 2 billion euros, the government of Kosovo aims at increasing capital investments by over 700 million euros or 45% more than this year”, Mustafa said. /