Parliament will be informed on the Special Tribunal, says Kosovo PM

Parliament will be informed on the Special Tribunal, says Kosovo PM

Pristina, February 26, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Although the discussion on the Special Tribunal was not in the order of the day, PM Isa Mustafa has briefed MPs in relation to the process of its creation.

PM Mustafa said that parliament will be informed at the right time on the Tribunal and that MPs will be provided with the documents as soon as they come.

“We have a coordinating body made up of the president of the country, speaker of parliament, the prime minister and a minister. Now, we’re working on the text which must be amended in the Constitution and it will come as a proposal to MPs. We’re working on the bill for the Special Tribunal and its status. MPs will have all of these documents”, declared he.

Kosovo’s PM said that he has asked the president to hold contacts with opposition parties in order for them to be briefed on the documents before they arrive in parliament.

Meanwhile, LDK lawmaker, Vjosa Osmani says that she’s worried about the fact that parliament of Kosovo is being ignored on the establishment of the Special Tribunal.

She said that the team from Kosovo must also insist for the crimes taken place after the war to also be tried.

“Kosovo side must insist in order for this Tribunal not to make selective justice. Secondly, we have been told that the work of this Tribunal will not include murders taken place after the war, but as we know, the report of Clint Williamson includes them and they must be investigated. This is not fair. There’s evidence on the murders taken place after the war and they must be tried”, she said. /ibna/