Parliament in FYROM votes the interim government

Parliament in FYROM votes the interim government

Skopje, 2 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Parliament in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has given the green light to the interim government, which is the second one within a few months, which will be responsible for the holding of 11 December elections. Based on the political agreement, the post of the minister of Interior and that of Social Affairs will be given to SDSM in opposition.

Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev, who will continue to chair this second interim government, said that the voting of this government is expected to put an end to the political crisis and hold fair and democratic elections on 11 December.

BDI didn’t change any of the ministers and vice ministers, while PDSH will not be part of the cabinet.

According to the agreement of the four leaders, the interim government is elected 100 days before the elections. Parliament will disperse on 12 October, while the electoral campaign for the elections starts on 11 December. /