Parliament in FYROM votes BDI’s ministers and vice ministers

Parliament in FYROM votes BDI’s ministers and vice ministers

Skopje, 5 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Parliament of FYROM has voted today the ministers and vice ministers proposed by BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) following the resignation of the current ministers. Interim Prime Minister, Emil Dimitriev said that:

“I think that it is only fair to accept the proposal for the election of the new members of the government, given that this is a government which will organize the elections, for which political parties agreed with the June/July agreement in Skopje”, PM Dimitriev said.

Ermira Mehmeti, BDI’s lawmaker said that the new ministers and vice ministers meet all the necessary criteria.

“A new generation of Albanians in Macedonia. All of them with titles and speakers of foreign languages. Above all, they do not suffer from the complexity of inferiority toward any personality, authority or institution”, Mehmeti said.

SDSM lawmaker, Petre Shilegov address strong criticism against BDI, by stressing that this party is a quiet witness of how the state institutions have become politicized.

“SDSM will not back the election of these ministers and vice ministers, because this is part of the scenarios of criminal gangs, which in the past 10 years have ruled in our country and the only scope of which is to get richer and forget about the interests of the country”, Silegov said.

After an hour of debate, VMRO-DPMNE voted in favor of the new names, while SDSM and PDSH voted against. /ibna/