Parliament in FYROM will not be dissolved

Parliament in FYROM will not be dissolved

Skopje, 11 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Although the political agreement stipulated the dissolution of parliament on 12 October, this will not be the case. The two biggest parties, VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic Union) have confirmed that this will not happen unless the approval of the 2017 budget.

Based on the July political agreement, Parliament must be dissolved two months before the early elections of 11 December, namely 12 October.

Parliament announced that a session was has been scheduled for 13 October and several issues are part of the agenda. Parliament is not being dissolved, because two bills requested by the Special Prosecution are yet to be approved. This issue has brought back the political crisis, while European Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn is expected to arrive in Skopje on 14 October.

University professor, Nikola Dujovski says that the international community will play a decisive role to renegotiate the points of the agreement which must be fulfilled in order for the country to head to elections at the end of the year.

“The international community must play its role in order for the elections to be held on 11 December. I don’t think that the current parliament will not ratify the bills that the Special Prosecution is requesting, but we will have a more relaxed atmosphere, because we’re expecting the approval of next year’s budget and some other act”. Dujovski said.

According to the university professor, the elections will be held on 11 December, although there are different opinions on this matter.

On Friday, EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn will meet in Skopje with the leaders of the four political parties, the Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva and representatives of civil society. These meetings will focus on the developments in the country and the holding of December elections. /