Parliament in FYROM will be constituted during the weekend, the new government will be formed in February

Parliament in FYROM will be constituted during the weekend, the new government will be formed in February

The new parliament of FYROM is expected to be constituted until Friday, following the early general elections of 11 December.

The State Election Commission is expected to announce the final official results tomorrow. The speaker of the last parliament, Trajko Veljanovski said that he’s expecting mandates to be certified and then to call the first session where parliament is expected to be constituted.

“The new parliament is constituted 20 days after the holding of electio0ns at the latest. The first session is called by the speaker of the previous parliament. If this session is not called, then MPs are gathered on their own incentive and constitute parliament on the 21st day since the elections”, the Electoral Code says.

Former speaker Veljanovski’s cabinet doesn’t say anything as to when this session will be held, because it is still waiting the Report of the State Election Commission on the election results.

Once parliament is constituted, president George Ivanov has ten days to mandate the party with most seats to form the government.

After this, the party which is mandated has 20 days to reach an agreement for the creation of the majority and new government.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear which of the big parties in the country will reach an agreement with the Albanian parties to form the parliamentary majority.

According to media, there are several combinations for the formation of the new government. VMRO-DPMNE is the first party that will be mandated to form the government, as it has won 51 seats. A parliamentary majority needs 61 seats and VMRO-DPMNE can achieve this by entering a coalition with BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) which has won 10 seats.

Another possibility is for VMRO-DPMNE to enter a coalition with the 10 MPs of the Albanian opposition (BESA 5, Alliance 3 and PDSH 2 MPs). But these parties have refused a coalition with the party of former PM Nikola Gruevski.

In case VMRO-DPMNE cannot manage to form a new government, then the mandate goes to SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic Union) led by Zoran Zaev, which won 49 seats. This government needs 12 MPs to form a new government. One of the options launched by the media is a coalition between SDSM, BDI and Besa Movement, which have a total of 64 MPs together. Another possible coalition is SDSM, BDI and Alliance for Albanians with 62 MPs. Based on the legal deadlines, the new government must be formed in February next year at the latest. /