Paris panel: “Turkey-European Union: Which Solidarity?”

Paris panel: “Turkey-European Union: Which Solidarity?”

On Tuesday, the Turkish ambassador to France, Ismail Hakki Musa spoke during a Paris panel titled “Turkey-European Union: Which Solidarity?”, organised by the Europe Institute of Research and Communication and hosted by Senator Josiane Costes.

He addressed the audience saying that the EU can do nothing different but to include Turkey in the bloc for the ‘sake’ of it, as Anadolu news agency wrote.

At the same time, he disapproved of European politicians who have used or are being using Turkey as “a political tool”.

“Our European friends do not understand us all the time. [The European Union] has no other choice than including Turkey in the EU if it wants to have a say in the international community and come to its senses (…) The EU has made some mistakes; it did not fulfill some of its pledges.”

The Turkish official suggested the EU should continue working closely with his country in fields such as the economy, counterterrorism and the refugee crisis in order to solve problems stemming from them jointly…. / IBNA