Parents to sue RS Education Minister

Parents to sue RS Education Minister

Banja Luka, August 12, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Parents of the Bosniak children in RS schools will file charges against RS Education minister, Dane Malesevic, and all school manager in this BiH entity who refused to entitle the language which these children speak as “bosnian language”.

The problem exist for several years and it is not even close to a solution. Children in schools have right on national group of subjects, and a part of them is language. It is not problem, but the name of the language is. According to RS Constitution, the name of the language that the Bosniaks speak is, officially, “language of the Bosniak nation”. Bosniaks don’t want that name because they think that they speak the “Bosnian language”. This difference, which is down to a few letters in the language name, on some other places would not be a problem, but in BiH it creates tension between nations. Minister Malesevic, on the end of the last school year, issued instruction that the name of language, according to Constitution, is “language of Bosniak nation”, but now parents are prepared to sue him.

“I acted in accordance with the Constitution and just wrote what stands in the Constitution. Whether you have the basis for a complaint or not it for the Court to decide”, Malesevic said.

He pointed out that the language problem in BiH is not just a matter of the minister of education but must be an issue for all institutions. If all responsible authorities and institutions take part in its solution, Malesevic argues, it would be easier to come up with one. He added that it is an issue for experts, which must be separated from politic.

Speaking about the study of the national group of subjects in the Federation BiH, Malesevic said that it is known that only the school the city of Bosansko Grahovo is running education in the right way for Serb children. In Drvar, he said, there is no subject “Society Knowledge” and in other schools in the Federation BiH only just 55 children said they would like to learn the Serbian language.

“These are probably pupils in Bosanski Petrovac, who attend schools with other children and at the end of the year they are asked to write the name of a language in a booklet. This is not a proper way to study national subjects. In Federation BiH, due to this census results, there are about 2.5 percent of Serbs and the Serb language is studied by a small number of them. It speaks of the attitude of the authorities in the Federation about the Serbs and the Serbian language”, Malesevic said.

He says he is sure that no law dictates that a national group of subjects must be studied, so what the RS is doing in 21 schools is in accordance with the law. RS will very quickly design curricula and programs for national subjects, to break the practice of this teaching cording of the program of one of the cantons in the Federation of BiH.

“We will have our plans and programs, which will be offered to Bosniaks,  should they want to work on them. We are responsible for the education system in the territory of RS, and we’ll take care of it”, Malesevic said.