Parcel – bomb sent to judge who had referred Golden Dawn to trial

Parcel – bomb sent to judge who had referred Golden Dawn to trial

Athens, June 3, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

A parcel filled with explosives was left outside the house of the judge Isadora Poga, who was president of the Judicial Council of Prosecutor that indicted the case of the Golden Dawn.

The bomb that ended up in the hands of Ms Poga was diffused by the men of Forensic Laboratories. The metal tubes that were found inside looked like or were flares which were discovered that they had been filled with explosives of unknown origin so far, screws and broken razors!

These finds indicate that the perpetrators took great care to upgrade the improvised mechanism  into an explosive and even lethal mechanism, which would more likely have killed the person who would open the parcel and anyone else would have had the misfortune to be near!

Earlier, in the mechanism which was initially mistaken by the authorities for being less important than what was later discovered, the Crime Lab found two batteries that would simply provide power to the mechanism and a makeshift detonator. The improvised bobbins with explosives (flares), the wiring, the improvised detonator and the batteries had been placed inside a hollowed out book and this in turn in a carton.

Once someone opened the book, the detonator would have been activated and would have caused a deadly explosion for the judge and anyone else who would have been near.

In fact, Ms Poga received the highly complex bomb herself when she found a note home from the post office, that she had a parcel registered in her name and went to the post office to receive it. Once she received it however, she saw some wires sticking out, so she let it down and called the authorities.

Besides, the court officials, especially those who have been involved in major cases, have taken seminars from the Antiterrorist, in order to keep in mind what to watch for.

Men of the EOD Department who arrived at her neighborhood, opened the box using a special robot, with water pressure, to see what’s inside and neutralize it.

The box was then taken to the Crime Lab, where in addition to the circuit analysis, an attempt is being made to identify any genetic material or fingerprints of the perpetrators.

Preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Antiterrorist Service. This particular mechanism had been placed in a “hollow” book, as it had been done in the past in the case of the Police Department of Itea, by Christodoulos Xiros and his accomplices, the Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire. The Appeals Council president is the one who referred to trial, among other important cases, the one of the Golden Dawn.

From the Antiterrorist they not exclude the case of a right-wing supporters, but what seems to have drawn their attention more than everything is the fact that Isadora Poga had reportedly rejected the application to release Evi Satir, who had been arrested for the operation “Gorgopotamos” and is allegedly the companion of one of the leaders of the CCF and had also rejected the request of the mother of these brothers and leaders of the organization was also arrested for “Operation Gorgopotamos” and had requested the change of the restrictive terms.

In any case, to be certain the authorities will have to wait for a proclamation and taking of responsibility if any, but if it is the Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire then very simply they upgraded their connections and were intended to kill, not caring as to how many dead and wounded they would leave behind!