Pappas: No to a party inside the party

Pappas: No to a party inside the party

Athens, August 10, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

SYRIZA has instruments, statutes and more importantly memebers, which do not allow anyone to be a “party within the party”, Nikos Pappas said in an interview.

Party issues will finally by addressed by the conference, added the Minister of State, speaking on the newspaper «Real News», while sending a message to Panagiotis Lafazanis he stressed that “the separate rallies, the attempt to create a front against the government send the message of a separate path”.

Pappas also mentions that the scenario of the left parenthesis proved politically powerless, while he left open the possibility of resorting to the polls, although he stressed that the talking about it does not help. “If some of our MPs decide to withdraw their confidence in the government, the rift caused in recent votes in the House will be converted deterministically in a vacuum”, he said.

Referring to the agreement, he calling it a result of heavy pressure, relentless dilemmas, and reciprocal concessions, adding that the government does not celebrate the agreement, as did the others in 2010 and 2012. “This government is the only one willing and able to implement socially equitable countermeasures to keep the society upright, to protect the weak, to fight corruption, to restructure the public administration, strengthen the development and production. The government gives a historical battle every day, and will continue to give it as long as the people supporting us”, he added.

Asked if there can be a parliamentary party in favour of the drachma in the Left, he replied that the people are the one who elects the parties of the Greek Parliament. “But I want to be clear. The return to the drachma was not a programmatic commitment of SYRIZA and the Grexit was never neither the mandate of the Greek people nor the governments. What’s more, it was not put by us as a question in the referendum”, said the minister while making it clear that anyone who even speak right now for Greece’s exit from the euro supports the accidental or deliberate extreme positions by creditors who support the scenario “drachma or memorandum”.

He also notes that the notion that all problems of the Greek economy result from its participation in the single currency is absolutely false and that if Greece was to leave the common currency, this would mean the end of austerity. “A national currency under in these conditions and without foreign exchange reserves would mean almost immediate resort to the IMF. And then neither austerity nor the hard memorandum agenda could the country be able avoid”, he stressed.

In another interview, in the newspaper “Avgi”, Pappas referred to the bill on the media tabled by the government, saying that the legislative initiative “comes to put an end in a deliberately prolonged maintenance of an anarchic landscape in the private television stations and to establish the legal transition to the digital age”. He stresses that “legality cannot be translated as ‘revenge'” and wonders if there are “other businesses operating under a temporary permit regime, or if there is another country that maintains it for 25 years”.