Papandreou says “present” to political developments

Papandreou says “present” to political developments

Athens, January 18, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The need to reform the center finds George Papandreou, who says “present” to political developments. It notes that the site needed a wake-political shocks to recover and open use of the base. Same recommend and November 2014 to PASOK, but not heeded, he says.

In an interview with Real News, Papandreou says: “The space of democratic socialism, of the reformist left, the political liberalism and political ecology, is what I always say, what I suggested to PASOK in November 2014, but I was not heeded: the place needs a wakeup call, a democratic political SHOCK to recover. Nothing less. Everything from the base. Now. The existential issues of the space can only be solve by the people, no one else.

“There needs to be an agreement between the parties of the space on ​​the open resort to the base, that will lead to a Congress which will decide everything – name, symbols, statutes and primarily political positions. After that will come the presidential elections and the election of the organs from the base. And I want the new generation to step forward. That is what I was saying, that is what I say, that is what the space needs. Everything from the base. What is not needed is behind the scenes agreements, which do not concern anyone and personally bring me allergy”, he reports.

For the election of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the leadership of ND he says that “we are all judged by our deeds. That is what Mr Mitsotakis will be judged for, to whom I sincerely wish success for the benefit of the country and the Greek people. If Mr Mitsotakis is in politics for the general good, then his course will be positive. I hope that the choice of Mr Mitsotakis is an acceptance of the negative attitude maintained by the ND during the crisis period and the assumption of the imperious need for the country to change its policy”.

Papandreou sees mistrust on either side about the possibility of cooperation of the government and the forces of the center left. I wish, he says, there is the political courage for a programmatic agreement with a clear policy framework as this would be a prerequisite for an effective cooperation.

“Even now, many of the rulers believe that the problem of the country was the 2010 Memorandum, and not clientelism which peaked in 2009, knelt the country and led to the Memorandum. If you do not recognize the real problem, how can you find a solution? Let us not kid ourselves even now”, he says.

In addition, Papandreou criticises the Tsipras government noting that besides the civil partnership and some social awareness movements I do not see much progressivism. Instead I observe increased clientele logic and a peculiar statism along the lines “let’s care for our own children and create our own clientele”.

Finally, he stresses that left or progressive policy to Social Security is a policy that equitably allocates weights within the same generation and among different generations.