Panos Kammenos: The difference SYRIZA-ND has exceeded 7 points

Panos Kammenos: The difference SYRIZA-ND has exceeded 7 points

Athens, January 22, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

President of the Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos gave a cross-channel interview today, calling for political and penal charges against those who led the country in the Memorandum.

“The difference between the first and the second party is widening. The difference of SYRIZA from ND has exceeded 7 points”, said the president of Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos at the beginning of the cross-channel interview. By expressing this view, Kammenos asked citizens to strengthen the party of ANEL, in order to gain seats to the next Parliament.

“This means that on Sunday the choice of the Greek people is whether to vote for a self-reliant SYRIZA government or to strengthen the Independent Greeks, who have made it clear that they will participate in a coalition government under certain conditions”, Kammenos stressed.

“Although with SYRIZA we are not ideologically close, we do not asking of them to change their positions completely, we ask that they respect what we say, while we will respect their own positions”, said the President of ANEL.

Moreover, referring to the red lines for his participation in a SYRIZA-led government, Panos Kammenos said that they will be, for example, a new Annan plan, religious issues, or matters of taxation.

“We are ready to take up government posts and place our staff in state administration”, he added and argued that the ANEL will not make deals with SYRIZA, such as Samaras did with Venizelos.

Kammenos also criticised the outgoing President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias for signing bills that were unconstitutional.

The President of ANEL argued that the government has destroyed public health and has gone so far as to destroy the greek industries and suppliers.

Speaking of “The River”, Kammenos spoke of a party with sponsors. He said that if the ANEL collaborate with “The River” it will be like collaborating with Giorgos Papandreou, who they want to bring before the special court.

He also noted that he is in favor of a review of the matter of the company Hellas Gold.

In regard to the MPs who left the party of ANEL he stressed that he will be consistent and added that those who have not been consistent should apologise to the people and God.

Finally, attacking Antonis Samaras, Panos Kammenos argued that the current prime minister is the fatal man for the ND. He said that he not only overthrow the Mitsotakis government, but also in 96 he also overthrew Miltiades Evert, voting for President of the Republic.

He added that in the New Democracy now accept people who served Hitler, people like Voridis, people who sell books for the extermination of the Jews; this is a fascist party that has nothing to do with the New Democracy.

“Samaras will end for ND and it will take a lot of cleansing to be able to reach an understanding”, he concluded.