Panic, election tricks or real threats?

Panic, election tricks or real threats?

According to Republika Srpska ruling coalition, this Bosnia and Herzegovina entity is under attack of international intelligence agencies and local, mostly Bosniak, intentions to abolish RS and to create a unified state, without entities and with Bosniak majority.

It is not necessary to mention that, according to them, the Serb nation in such a state would be jeopardized and its existence would be endangered. As such, ruling coalition highest authorities, like the leader of biggest party Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and RS president, Milorad Dodik, and RS PM, Željka Cvijanović have recently warned that a large number of threats in pre-election period are aimed to eliminate Republika Srpska, as the only guarantor of the Serb nation survival in BiH, and to create a unified Bosnian nation where Serbs would be “second grade citizens”.

According to them, these threats came from various sources. The news that United Kingdom will send 40 new soldiers in Operation Althea forces was interpreted as being intelligence officers who will work with local citizens to get rid of SNSD government as a first step to unification. UK confirmed that it would send 40 extra personnel to the EUFOR operation in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Operation Althea.

“They will join a specialist surveillance and intelligence taskforce for six months. The UK played a key role in the Western Balkans in the 1990s, and we have continued to help keep the region on the road to reform and stability”, stated the UK Ministry of Defence.

The second threat is the arrival of the large number of migrants in BiH. Dodik is afraid, and he has stated it in public, that Bosniak leaders want to accept 150 000 migrants from Middle East countries to change the demographic picture of the state and to strengthen the number of islamic religion members to more than 52 percent in the state. It would represent a large majority and Bosniaks (who are islam believers) would confirm their state in the middle of the Europe.

The answer to these statements came promptly by the lips of the BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and high ranked opposition official, Mirko Šarović, who said that migrants have no intention or interest to stay in BiH and that their wish is to continue the travel in the EU countries.

“500 000 migrants have passed through Serbia and they could handle it. A total of five to six thousand migrants have passed through BiH and they do not want to stay here. This is the answer to those who make false information to the public that someone wants to use the immigrants to change the ethnic picture of BiH”, Šarović said.

The third threat for RS, according to SNSD officials, is the increasing number of members of the Salafi movement in BiH. Confirmation that something is going on, for RS ruling coalition, was the finding of a “large number of rifles and ammunition” near a mosque in the village of Matuzići, near the inter-entity border. The fact is that BiH has the large problem with illegal weapons and that some of the biggest arsenals were able to supply smaller military units with rifles and ammunition for a long time. The international community is trying to solve this problem since the end of the war but it is estimated that still a large number of weapon is illegally in the hands of BiH citizens.

And finally, the fourth threat are local citizens who, as SNSD officials stated, are instructed by foreign intelligence officers to work on the “demolishing of RS from the inside”.

All these statements about threats are received by the public as being part of the election campaign and something what SNSD repeats in the eve of every election. However, there is still the question of the reliability behind these threats and the possibility that this time “the wolf is really coming to the village”./IBNA