Palmer: Pristina must implement the ZSO agreement

Palmer: Pristina must implement the ZSO agreement

“The agreement on the Union of Serbian Municipalities is an obligation of the Kosovo institutions and they must implement it,” Matthew Palmer told RTV21, according to Pristina media.

Following Pristina’s announcement that it would sue Serbia for genocide, Palmer said such an approach would not help resolve problems between the two sides.

As she told RTV21, Pristina must find a mechanism to implement the agreement of the Union of Serb Municipalities (SZO), in compliance with the Kosovo Constitution.

“Miroslav Lajcak and his team from the EU will say that the agreement is legally binding for both sides and  it has to be implemented,” Palmer was quoted as reported by Pristina’s News.

He added that additional agreements should be reached, which will open the way to the implementation of what has already been achieved.

“If everyone understands that they are fighting for a normal relationship that will pave the way to the EU, for both Serbia and Kosovo, there is room for compromise and progress,” Palmer said./ibna