Pacolli meets his Montenegrin counterpart

Pacolli meets his Montenegrin counterpart

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Behxhet Pacolli has held an official visit to Montenegro on Tuesday, where he was received by his counterpart, Montenegro’s Foreign Minister, Srgan Darmanovic.

The meeting between the heads of diplomacy of both countries focused on the issue of border delimitation between Montenegro and Kosovo.

After the meeting, Darmanovic said that demarcation for Montenegro is an issue which has been concluded.

“I am confident that Kosovo’s institutions will take the decision to ratify the border deal. As I have declared before, the process of demarcation between the two countries is a concluded issue”, he said.

Meanwhile, Pacolli has declared that the ratification of the border agreement with Montenegro by the Parliament of Kosovo is impossible for the time being, due to relationships between parties.

“We are aware that the agreement has been signed, but we demand understanding and patience”, he said. /