Ourania Michaloliakou: Are you ready to die for the Sacred Ideology of the Golden Dawn?

Ourania Michaloliakou: Are you ready to die for the Sacred Ideology of the Golden Dawn?


25 year old Urania Michaloliakou, daughter of Golden Dawn secretary Nikos Michaloliakos and leader of the party’s Women’s Organization, has called everyone that believes in the ideals and vision of Golden Dawn to never abandon the party and die for it.

She writes on her blog:

“With everything that is happening around us lately, those of us that remember Golden Dawn before it became known to all upon entering parliament have made some observations. Therefore, this text is not intended for all the fans of the Movement but for the few that very well know who they are. We have caught ourselves several times wondering who are all these people coming to our offices and why we hear good things about the Movement in our workplaces. We also wonder at the amount of people we see at our gatherings or the fact that our ideas our now discussed more freely within society.

These are legitimate and normal musings of people that lived with these ideas during tougher times and when a different war was being fought.

Seeing Golden Dawn grow and essentially becoming gigantic and causing panic to all our enemies, we feel proud and pleased. We see our work is paying off as well as the blood and sacrifices we made for our Struggle. After recent events I caught myself having different thoughts. I decided therefore to write this article and share it with the few that will understand exactly what I mean.

What if Golden Dawn loses its followers? What if its rated drop? And if we are outlawed? And if the system’s propaganda wins in the end? These are surely thoughts we all have. However, some darker thoughts inevitably follow. What if a few of us are left again? What if they put us in prison? If they kill us and allege it was in retaliation? To avoid being misunderstood, these thought were made without a trace of panic in my mind. They were born out of concern and even a kind of excitement. I will go into further detail about this later.

Coming into the arms of the Golden Dawn and offering ourselves to this Holy Ideology we learn a lot of things. From a daily way of life to dealing with difficulties and placing our souls into the vortex of emotions and knowledge, all these are thing this ideology teaches us. We become ONE with it. Time does go by though and it changes. Some may forget. Surely we have all gotten carried away at some point by our excitement and seeing our greatest desires gradually becoming reality. Nobody should forget though. They shouldn’t forget the reason we joined the Movement or the sacrifices we always believed we would make for our ideas. But most importantly, we mustn’t forget that our Struggle has an independent energy and existence. Vindication is something optional and those lucky enough to taste it sometime are truly blessed. Other don’t ever get to taste it though. These comrades we should not forget.

So ask yourself if you are prepared to go to prison even if you are innocent just because you are a nationalist. Ask yourself if you are ready to die for your beliefs without becoming a celebrated hero but remaining an anonymous person that died for the Struggle. Ask yourself if you are ready to make sacrifices and how many. Consider as far as where you are prepared to go. Few of you know exactly what I mean. Ask yourself if you could lose absolutely everything for an idea, our idea. Just ask yourself and make your choice. Could you be one of us? Could you live for a single idea only? I can. We can. Can you?