OSCE/ODIHR: Elections were held in normality with few irregularities

OSCE/ODIHR: Elections were held in normality with few irregularities

OSCE/ODIHR mission has considered yesterday’s elections in FYROM as normal with few irregularities.

Roberto Bateli, special coordinator of OSCE/ODIHR said that these elections were well administered.

“The elections were an important step for the solution of the crisis and other issues that must be tackled. In general, they were well administered”, said Mr. Bateli.

He added that there were cases when voters could find their names in the lists. Meanwhile, he said that during the campaign there was pressure on the administration, where some cases of this pressure were identified by ODIHR teams.

Meanwhile, assessments have also come from the European Council. Stefan Senes, representative of the European Council said that “these elections were different” and added: “More work and the implementation of agreements must follow these elections”.

He said that “political parties must express a bigger will to apply the European Council’s recommendations and pressure against administration must end once and for all”.

Ministry of Interior said today that 7 indictments have been made due to irregularities on voting day. 18 people have been arrested for being suspected of committing electoral crime and they risk a sentence of no less than three years in prison. /balkaneu.com/