OSCE/ODIHR calls on Skopje to hold free and democratic elections

OSCE/ODIHR calls on Skopje to hold free and democratic elections

Skopje, March 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

OSCE/ODIHR has started to monitor the process of the elections in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, engaging as of today (10.03) 11 international monitors in Skopje and 20 others distributed in other cities.

This mission which arrives before the campaign, will evaluate if presidential elections are harmonized in the legal framework and if international standards for democratic elections meet the obligations emanating from OSCE.

The ambassador of OSCE/ODIHR, Gert Heinrich Arens, in the quality of the head of the international monitoring, said that this mission has arrived upon the invitation of the Foreign Ministry and that it will initially hold meetings with the representatives of the current government and political parties, presidential candidates, non government sector, media and foreign diplomats.

“We will demand from OSCE member countries another 300 short term observers who will be present in the last week of the campaign until the election day. As a mission, we’re interested on the voting process and the progress of the elections and then we will issue our general assessment”, said the head of the mission, Arens in the news conference.

He appealed for a quiet and democratic electoral process, without irregularities.

“We call for a quiet and democratic process and a campaign without incidents”, declared Mr. Arens. The monitoring mission of OSCE/ODIHR regularly monitors the elections in the country since 1998. /ibna/