OSCE training for judges on war crimes cases ended in Sarajevo

OSCE training for judges on war crimes cases ended in Sarajevo

A specialized training course on trial advocacy in war crimes cases, organized by the OSCE Mission to BiH in co-operation with the BiH Ministry of Justice Criminal Defence Section and the entity Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centres, concluded on Friday, in Sarajevo.

As it was announced by the OSCE Mission to BiH, two two-day training events that were held in Teslic and Sarajevo gathered more than 50 judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers from across BiH, who work on war crimes cases.

Participants increased their theoretical and practical knowledge in trial advocacy, exchanged experiences and discussed current obstacles to the effectiveness of war crimes process in BiH.

“The Mission remains committed to facilitating the work of justice institutions in BiH in ensuring the delivery of justice to victims of crime. This training course is a great example of collaboration between national judicial institutions in improving the professionalism and quality of investigations and trials in BiH,” said in her opening remarks, Jasna Dobricik, Deputy Head of the Human Dimension Department of the OSCE Mission to BiH.

Minka Kreho, Judge of the Court of BiH, highlighted the significance of the trial advocacy training courses for legal professionals, in increasing their knowledge and skills related to trial procedures when processing war crimes cases.

“This training is of particular relevance to all participants. Although criminal legislation reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina was completed in 2003, both prosecutors and defence lawyers have not developed adequate trial advocacy skills, which makes it difficult for courts to make decisions,” emphasised Kreho.

The training was part of a wider educational programme aimed at achieving fair and efficient processing of war crimes cases in line with international standards.

It was organized by the War Crimes Monitoring Project, implemented by the OSCE Mission to BiH and financed by the European Union…/IBNA