Orban: The name must not be an obstacle for Euro Atlantic integration

Orban: The name must not be an obstacle for Euro Atlantic integration

Skopje, June 26, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban said that he strongly supports the integration of FYR Macedonia in the NATO and EU.

“Macedonia must start negotiations for the accession in the European Union as soon as possible and it should also receive an invitation for NATO accession.  Talks about the name dispute with Greece, cannot be an obstacle about the Euro Atlantic integration of the country”, appealed the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, who was awarded the “Goce Delcev” award at the parliament of Hungary, issued by the United Macedonian Diaspora.

According to him, this country committed for the accession in the EU and NATO and it has completed all the necessary tasks.

“This is why I don’t understand the fact that EU and NATO do not reward this Balkan country”, said Orban.

In his speech, prime minister of Hungary said that the two countries have lived different communist systems, nevertheless, they have suffered the same lack of freedom and freedom of movement.

Therefore, he said, “due to this feeling of common fate”, Hungary will be engaged to help Skopje in the international arena.

During the award ceremony, Orban said that he considers the award as a sign of gratitude from FYR Macedonia to Hungary.

Head of UMD, Meto Kolovski said that this award is being given to the Hungarian prime minister for his support in the aspect of European integration and the strengthening of relations between the two countries. Present in this ceremony was also Iljaz Feta, ambassador of FYROM in Budapest. /ibna/