Opposition to publicate its ‘bombs’ today, fresh arrests

Opposition to publicate its ‘bombs’ today, fresh arrests

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, February 9, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Macedonian police arrested last night two other people as part of it operation name coded “Putsch” . Part of this operation has also been the leader of Macedonian opposition, Zoran Zaev, who is accused of espionage and attempting to seize power through non democratic ways.

The two arrested men are police officers with a long experience and according to the Ministry of Interior, they’re accused of spying and collaborating with foreign secret services, but on the other hand, they’re also accused of collaborating with the leader of opposition, Zoran Zaev, former head of secret services Zoran Verusevsi, his wife and a collaborator of the leader of opposition.

“The two officers are G.L, 52 years old from Skopje and Z.K, 49 years old from Vesel. They were hired by foreign secret services, for which they were well rewarded”, declared the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, Ivo Kotevski. During the raid in their homes, police seized computers, mobile phones and other materials.

Meanwhile, today, the largest opposition party LSDM (Macedonian Social Democratic Union) has warned the publication of materials and evidence, which it has considered as “bombs” against the current government, for criminal and corruption acts, but also other activities that would damage ethnic relations.

During the weekend, the leader of this party, Zoran Zaev received the approval of the highest party structures in order to publicate all the files and materials that the opposition has and which shed light upon different unlawful activities of the current government.

This party has not provided any details about the content of the so called “bombs”, by saying that they will be made public today.

Weekly “Fokus”, the owner of which lost his life two years ago in an accident, wrote in its last issue that these materials mainly relate to registrations of conversations between PM Nikola Gruevski, deputy PM and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavrevski and Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankulovska.

These conversation shave been registered by five agents of the secret service, the identity of which remains anonymous and according to “Fokus”, they have secured evidence for criminal acts, corruption and electoral fraud.

The party in power, VMRO-DPMNE of PM Nikola Gruevski has hailed the publication of the materials announced by the opposition, underlining that the opposition leader, Zoran Zaev is entering the final stage of its scenarios.

“This was expected, because in many occasions, LSDM has warned ‘bombs’ and has threatened by saying that we are nervous and scared. Now they must be very euphoric because their leader admitted that he’s collaborating with secret services. The people know who’s working for their interests with projects, reforms, programs and who is dealing with manipulations and destructiveness”, declared VMRO-DPMNE.

The Albanian party which is part of the coalition BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) has said that it’s expecting the publication of materials from the opposition and that it demands transparency from this process, respecting democratic principles.

Last week, the prosecution of the country called on the media not to publish the materials that have been warned by the opposition, because they’re part of investigations that are being held and according to the prosecution, they can damage the inquest. But, the decision of the prosecution has been rejected by the association of journalists, different media and also, numerous foreign diplomats have expressed themselves against this decision.

While the citizens are expecting to see the content of the opposition “bombs”, PM Nikola Gruevski is expected to make a public appearance in order to respond to the accusations from the opposition. /ibna/