Opposition proposes dialogue with the government “to overcome the crisis” in Albania

Opposition proposes dialogue with the government “to overcome the crisis” in Albania

Tirana, 11 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Following the massive protest of December 8 in Tirana, which was marked by several violent incidents, leader of opposition invites the majority to be involved in the dialogue with the aim of reaching political consensus in order “to overcome the crisis” in Albania.

The head of the right wing opposition, Lulzim Basha (photo) proposes dialogue between many sides in order to overcome the crisis which, according to him, Albania is going through.

“Currently, we have a frustrated, angry and unsafe Albania. Together, we must once again find political and social consensus and identify the values that unite us and divide us to overcome a serious, economic and social crisis which has engulfed the country”, opposition leader suggests.

According to him, “there must be intensive dialogue which must not only be limited in the political domain, there must be an electoral reform, a constitutional reform to guarantee democracy and above all, dialogue must be paramount to the possibility of a solution”.

Mr. Basha’s declaration comes three days after the right wing opposition started massive protests to force the left wing government led by PM Rama to resign, to set up a technical government and for the country to head to early elections.

On his part, PM Rama says that it’s the opposition and not Albania, which finds itself in a difficult situation, ruling out the possibility of early general elections. A few months ago, Albania held local government elections and the result was even deeper than in 2013, when the left wing came in power. /ibna/