Opposition people are ‘schizophrenic’ and they hate Vucic, says a govt minister

Opposition people are ‘schizophrenic’ and they hate Vucic, says a govt minister

Zorana Mihajlovic, vice president of the Serbian government, has “strongly condemned opposition’s latest insults and offensive comments against president Aleksandar Vucic”, according to accounts from the parliament where she spoke on Tuesday.

Mihajlovic said that the opposition allegedly did so “just because he (Vucic) praised a Turkish investor who has employed a significant number of women”.

“This is not criticism; it is hate speech against president Vucic”, Mihajlovic noted. The latter also presides over the government’s institution for gender equality. The Turkish investor has also employed women over 50 who have difficulties finding a job, she went on, stressing that alleged opposition criticism of such a move was “schizophrenic”. “All parties should condemn such behaviour”, Mihajlovic concluded.

On Sunday, Vucic inspected the construction of the Eurotay Turkish factory, near Kraljevo. “Well, Toprak”, said Vucic while addressing Eurotay’s CEO, Mesut Toprak, “you have employed only women… So that’s why you are so happy, you think that you will…” – Vucic told him, leaving his sentence incomplete and offering food for comment.

The opposition has claimed the president’s statement was offensive.

“Thank you, Turk brother, for hiring women even of 40 or 50 years old”, Vucic went on while still talking to Toprak.

“These women are diligent and capable, they will prove their loyalty… I am happy when I see the smiles of these beautiful ladies. I’m aware that they will not get rich. But they will be able to survive and their lives will be better. And you, Turks, take care of our women! Be nice and kind to them. Do you hear me, Turks? Take care (of them)! These women are good, beautiful, they have their families and they want to work hard!”.

Mihajlovic insisted that opposition “has insulted” Vucic because, allegedly, “he looks after women and their families”. “By behaving this way, they (opposition) insult not only (the) women in Kraljevo who have been hired, but all women across Serbia”….. / IBNA