Opposition parties harmonize their stands for the coalition

Opposition parties harmonize their stands for the coalition

Pristina, June 19, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Leader of Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) along with the head of Self Determination, Albin Kurti and Fatmir Limaj have visited today the head office of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj to talk about the formation of the new government.

After this meeting, the leader of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj said that there are still many details which need to be clarified with other parties for the formation of the new government.

Nevertheless, Haradinaj said that the stands of all the political parties are being harmonized.

“The stands are being harmonized”, said Haradinaj following the meeting with Kurti, Mustafa and Limaj.

He said that nobody in Kosovo is against dialogue, but added that dialogue must be effective.

We had a meeting with the partners who signed the coalition agreement between LDK, AAK, Incentive and Self Determination.

We discussed things that if they’re handled in a careful way, there could be further harmonization. We have talked with Self Determination on all topics that concern the country and the possibility to harmonize these issues. Nobody in Kosovo is against dialogue. We’re not against dialogue. We’re in favor of dialogue for a European Kosovo. This continues to be our positioning”, said Haradinaj.

Meanwhile, in this meeting, Self Determination has officially put forward its demand for the suspension of the talks with Serbia.

Leader of Self Determination, Albin Kurti, said after the meeting that he has put forward his request for the suspension of talks with Serbia. /ibna/