Opposition parties attack the Government for the negotiation

Opposition parties attack the Government for the negotiation

Athens, April 7, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The opposition attacked the government on the occasion of the negotiations with institutions for the completion of the evaluation.

The president of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a statement, called the Prime minister incorrigible, accusing Alexis Tsipras of harming the country.

The leader of the main opposition party notes that the IMF remains in the programme, and indeed, as he said, reinforced with its pressing and often exaggerated demands, adding that the position and credibility of Greece have been weakened further, to conclude:

“At the breaking point we have reached, we need more than ever seriousness, truth, work, determination, reliability, both at home and abroad. This government does not have any of that… No one expects anything from him. That is why he “should step down now”.

“The supposedly negotiation with the moneylenders will close without the debt haircut and new exhausting measures against the Greeks, who are working productively to maintain the partisan army of Tsipras, who has turned Greece into a debt and illegal migrants colony”, said the Golden Dawn .

“The ‘cheese’ of debt relief – either by the IMF plan or that of the EU/Germany –  can not hide the ‘trap’ of prerequisite measures”, noted the KKE to add: “the government accelerates with a social security bill much worse than the original design, with an increase of direct and indirect taxation, with new privileges to big capital. That is with all those included in the third memorandum, the literal application of which has become the flag of the government”.

“The measures the Government SYRIZA-ANEL agreed to take in the framework of the evaluation, according to what sees the light of publicity, are a tombstone of the real economy”, said PASOK, speaking of incompetence, obsessions and lack of planning by the government that are leading the country and citizens to disaster.

“The retrograde troupe of SYRIZANEL that rules, having exhausted the communication tricks and in order to close the evaluation, prepare and another crime against the many: new tax-raid. We call on them not to do it. What must be done is to cut spending rather than raise taxes”, noted The River.

Government Spokeswoman responds to Mitsotakis’ statements

“The more the expectations of Mr. Mitsotakis are being disproved the more he is exposed”, said in a statement the government spokeswoman, Olga Gerovasili.

More specifically, she states that “Mr. Mitsotakis can not hide his disappointment at the fact that the design of some extreme obstructionism for the negotiation and re-creating a credit asphyxiation situation in the country, fell on deaf ears”.

She also notes that the president of the ND “cannot stand the thought that the assessment will close in April, without reducing pensions and no additional measures, from which he expected to reap political gain”.

“In order for the president of ND to rescue something from his political plan, he rushes, once again, just before the evaluation closes and at a critical for the country and economy time, to request elections”, Gerovasili adds and notes:

“The more his expectations are proven wrong, the more Mr. Mitsotakis is being exposed”.