Opposition in Kosovo to hold protests against the government

Opposition in Kosovo to hold protests against the government

Pristina, April 7, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Three opposition parties, Self Determination, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and Incentive for Kosovo have decided to hold a protest against the government on 18 April, because according to them, the government has captured the state.

The duration, the number of protesters and the course of the protest have not yet been discussed by the opposition, but they say that the protest called by them has a list of demands which are addressed to the government.

Zgjim Hyseni, member of Self Determination steering committee, said that opposition parties will hold in the days to come a news conference where they will issue the details of the protest.

Analyst Halil Matoshi says that the citizens are entitled to protest in a peaceful way and according to him, this also helps the government to take remedy measures.

“In this case, the opposition’s call for protests against the rise of power supply price, the lack of the rule of law, political influences on RTK and the capturing of the state by government coalition parties and its segments, are necessary to raise the awareness of the citizens of Kosovo to exert control over the political power of the country”, Matoshi says.

The other political analyst, Shpend Kursani shares the same opinion about the protest.

He says that each point of the protest is just, but Kursani says that these points have been decided in an arbitrary way in order to have a massive participation.

“These points affect the citizens’ finances and their national pride. The date of the protest seems to be arbitrary too. I believe that protests are needed on a daily basis in Kosovo. The success of the protest will be decided by the number of people that will gather and the consistency of the protest”, Kursani said. /ibna/