Opposition in Kosovo is against fresh elections

Opposition in Kosovo is against fresh elections

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, November 6, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

While the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, demands fresh elections, this idea is rejected by leaders of opposition parties.

Leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, says that the country doesn’t need to hold fresh elections, because it already has a parliamentary majority.

“It’s absurd to hold elections, at a time when the majority exists. Our aim is not to hold elections, but form the institutions”, says Haradinaj.

Haradinaj, who has been nominated as PM by the opposition bloc, says that the formation of the institutions must be made without PDK. He said that the bloc parties do not think that a meeting with PDK officials is necessary.

Leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa says that Kosovo doesn’t need fresh elections.

“PDK only has 36 seats in parliament, in spite of its coalition with five parties and it’s hard for it to determine what will be done in Kosovo and when the country should hold elections. They can go to elections if they want, because this parliament already has a majority”, says leader of LDK, Isa Mustafa.

Mustafa says that parliament must not be held hostage by a ruling of the Constitutional Court and that the speaker and deputy speakers of parliament must be elected.

“The government will be formed by those who have the majority of votes and those who are ready to secure development, involvement of communities, fight against corruption and organized crime and European partnership”, says Mustafa.

“Constitution will be respected and every action will comply with the ruling of the Constitutional Court, but one thing is clear that the government of this country is elected with the votes of the majority in parliament and not based on the ranking of political subjects in national elects”, Mustafa adds.

Leader of PDK, Hashim Thaci says that if the Bloc continues with its whims, then early elections remain the only solution.

Nevertheless, he says that before holding the elections, it’s better if political parties find a solution by talking to each other.

“PDK believes that there are two options: We must sit down and discuss a solution based on the election result and ruling of the Constitutional Court or go to fresh elections if the Bloc continues with its whims”, says Thaci.

Analysts are not in favor of fresh elections

Meanwhile, experts of political developments in the country are against the idea for fresh parliamentary elections.

Notable analyst, Avni Mazreku says that none of the political subjects that don’t have a majority of seats, can send the country to early elections.

“Elections remain the only option where all other political options to achieve the necessary parliamentary majority are exhausted. We have seen that the June 8 elections have led to the creation of the necessary majority in parliament by the LDK, AAK, Incentive, Self Determination and minority parties”, says Mazreku.

Expert of political developments, Berat Aqifi says that fresh elections would be a failure for Kosovo.

“It’s absurd to think of extraordinary parliamentary elections. At this time of crisis, we will spend millions of Euros and we will still come to this situation with the constitution of parliament and government. New elections would be a failure, because I’m afraid that they will be boycotted by the citizens of Kosovo, who are tired of political leaders”, says Aqifi. /ibna/