Opposition in Kosovo expelled from Parliament

Opposition in Kosovo expelled from Parliament

Pristina, 19 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Parliament of Kosovo has resumed its proceedings, but without Self Determination, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and Incentive for Kosovo MPs.

Upon the decision of the Speaker of Parliament, the 31 MPs of opposition parties have been expelled for preventing the normal proceedings of parliament.

The three opposition parties considered this expulsion is a violation of democracy.

Self Determination leader, Visar Ymeri said that nobody has a written document explaining the reasons of this expulsion from the session.

“If the Republic is not democratic, it cannot be considered a Republic”, said Ymeri. He said that Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci are trying to use power for their personal interests. Ymeri added that the next protest will be on 27 February.

Meanwhile, leader of the Incentive for Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj said that the expulsion of the opposition is the way how the majority solves the crisis.

“The use of police in order to defend their position is their method of running the country. This is the crisis that we are talking about”, he declared.

Meanwhile, Ramush Haradinaj, leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo has declared that he has never seen something like this happen before and for this, he handed over his mandate as an MP.

“Given that parliament of Kosovo has turned into an institution through which the government covers its constitutional violations, given that parliament has turned into a place where MPs are taken forcefully by police and given that MPs are expelled in an arbitrary way, I resign as a member of the Parliament of Kosovo”, Haradinaj said. /ibna/