Opposition in Kosovo demands the resignation of Mustafa’s government

Opposition in Kosovo demands the resignation of Mustafa’s government

Pristina, 28 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Three opposition parties in the country have ruled out the possibility of dialogue with the government for the solution of the political crisis. They demand elections as the only way out of this situation.

Opposition representatives say that following the ruling of the Constitutional Court for the Agreement on the Association, the government has lost its legitimacy.

According to them, the Constitutional Court has proven the arguments of the opposition according to which, this agreement has violated the Constitution of the country, therefore they believe that the government must resign.

Self Determination leader, Visar Ymeri says that united opposition considers the Agreement on the Association annulled.

“When a considerable part of an agreement is against the Constitution, then the entire agreement is anti-constitutional. As such, this agreement must be abrogated. According to the Constitutional Court, PM Isa Mustafa and Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci, who have been involved in the Brussels’ talks, have been involved in flagrant violations of the Constitution. As a result, we, as a united opposition urgently demand for them to step down”, Ymeri said.

Leader of the Incentive for Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj said that if those who have violated the Constitution evade responsibility, then the crisis would be even bigger.

“Any attempt to evade this responsibility would make the crisis even bigger. Don’t forget that the Constitutional Court issued a ruling in favor of the opposition’s arguments. This government doesn’t have a legitimacy and it will be known as the government which violated the Constitution and as such, it must give way to fresh elections”, said Fatmir Limaj, leader of Incentive for Kosovo.

Meanwhile, vice chairman of AAK, Ahmet Isufi says that the protectors of sovereignty are kept in prison, while those who have violated the Constitution continue to cause damages to the country.

“The two agreements which have damaged the interests and the image of Kosovo, have proved that these leaders are corrupt”, declared Ahmet Isufi, vice chairman of AAK.

According to opposition parties, there cannot be a democracy in a country, where the government violates the Constitution.

Meanwhile, several days ago, prime minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa invited the opposition once again for dialogue in order to solve the deep political crisis. /ibna/