Opposition in Kosovo continues to put pressure on PM Mustafa

Opposition in Kosovo continues to put pressure on PM Mustafa

Pristina, 12 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Opposition in Kosovo declares that in order to allow normal parliamentary proceedings to resume, the prime minister of the country, Isa Mustafa must withdraw from the agreement with Serbia for the creation of the Association of Serb Communes and the agreement with Montenegro for the border demarcation.

The leader of Self Determination Party, Visar Ymeri says that the only objective of the opposition is not to allow the interests of the Republic of Kosovo to be damaged.

“Our main focus is to stop political and financial interventions from Serbia in Kosovo. This is the main aspect of the united opposition against the Brussels’ agreements”, Ymeri said.

Ymeri added that the agreements reached in Brussels between Pristina and Belgrade, are also causing economic damages.

“First of all, the market will be fragmented and then in Kosovo, we will have a market which will no longer be considered as one market. Secondly, Kosovo’s services and resources will be fragmented. Here we can mention energy, telecommunication, water resources, mineral resources and other resources within the territory of the Association or Serb majority communes. Thirdly, public revenues will also be fragmented”, Ymeri said.

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s PM, Isa Mustafa says that through its actions, the opposition is trying to seize power through violence.

According to him, Kosovo’s real problems do not have to do with the Association of Communes or the border demarcation with Montenegro.

Mustafa said that the Association is an obligation as part of the international agreements for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Meanwhile, as far as demarcation is concerned, Mustafa said that corrections may be sought if it’s proven that parts of the Kosovo territory are going to Montenegro. /ibna/