Opposition in Kosovo: Constitutional Court is completely politicized

Opposition in Kosovo: Constitutional Court is completely politicized

Pristina, 22 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Constitutional Court of Kosovo has decided not to accept the request of the opposition to quash the decision of the parliament of Kosovo on Amendment 24 for the creation of the Special Tribunal on War Crimes.

Opposition MPs have considered the procedure that led to the voting of the contested decision as non compliant with the Constitution of Kosovo.

But, in its ruling issued today, the Constitutional Court concludes that “those who made this request failed to submit evidence to base their claims on”.

Pursuant to article 113.5 of the Constitution and other laws in force, the Constitutional Court has decided “to deem the request as unacceptable”.

Representatives of opposition parties in Kosovo consider the ruling of the Constitutional Court as unfair.

The legal representative of the Self Determination, Armend Shkoza says that the Constitutional Court deals with political interpretations more than its jobs.

“In this ruling, the Constitutional Court has abandoned its mission of defending constitutional order and now, we can consider it as a court which only defends human rights”, he says.

Leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj says that the decisions of this institution do not have credibility.

“The Constitutional Court has been deeply politicized. We believe that with this ruling, its authority has been reduced to zero, because the Special Tribunal will not recognize the Constitutional Court of Kosovo as a judicial authority”, Haradinaj said.

Meanwhile, Incentive for Kosovo MP, Bilall Sherifi says that the Constitutional Court has become a guardian of the government’s decisions.

“So far, the Constitutional Court has only legitimized the government’s decisions and has shown that the guardian of the Constitution has turned into a guardian of the decisions of the government and politicians”, he said.

However, opposition representatives say that they will not stop. They say that they will wait the government to fall and then send their request to the Venice Committee. /ibna/