Opposition in protest, SP holds meetings ahead of local government elections

Opposition in protest, SP holds meetings ahead of local government elections

DP and SMI have announced that they will continue their protests. The Socialist Party continues its meeting with supporters ahead of the June 30 elections

The majority has decided to defy the opposition. This is the conclusion that can be drawn following the tour that the majority has launched around the country ahead of the June 30th local government elections. This political action comes at a time when the opposition has decided to abandon its parliamentary mandates, to continue the series of protests that have already started and to announce civil disobedience. Meanwhile, the majority is issuing indirect messages for the opposition. This was the case yesterday when PM Edi Rama appeared alongside the mayor of Durres, Vangjush Dako who has been accused by the opposition for corruption. A few days ago, Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha publicly declared that “Vangjush Dako’s arrest is expected to take place in the coming days”. On the other hand, socialists have also held a meeting in Shkodra, where former minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati called for dialogue between the sides. Bushati also declared that the meeting discussed the steps which are being taken for the upcoming local government elections.

“We discussed on the steps that we’re taking to select the right who will make us win the upcoming elections and we also discussed about the latest political developments”, Bushati commented on this meeting.

Elections were also at the focus of the meetings held in Dibra and Korça

Maximum engagement for the local government elections. This is what minister of Defence, Olta Xhacka has demanded yesterday in a meeting held with the Socialist Party structures in Dibra. As far as the current political situation is concerned, Xhacka said that it’s unprecedented. On the other hand, socialist MP, Taulant Balla declared from Korça that “we do not intend to stop our efforts until 2021”. “Before the 2021 elections, we have the June elections”, he added. Meanwhile, he said that with its latest demonstration, the opposition tried to block the voting of the High Judicial Council and High Prosecutorial Council.