Opposition in FYROM with a shadow government and parliament

Opposition in FYROM with a shadow government and parliament

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, July 2, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Opposition in FYR Macedonia led by LSDM (Macedonian Democratic Socialist League) has prepared its political strategy outside parliament.

The plan of the opposition is to form parallel formal institutions, namely shadow government and shadow parliament.

Macedonian opposition is determined not to go back to parliament and not to accept parliamentary mandates won in the April 27 elections. Leader of LSDM, Zoran Zaev, said that the opposition is resolved in this decision and resolved in not recognizing the April 27 elections, which according to it, were rigged.

“We have started to get ready for action outside the institutions, because we don’t want to be part of a parliament which has come out of rigged elections. Our political action will be responsible and we expect positive changes”, declared Petre Silegov from LSDM.

The biggest opposition party accompanied by other parties, have launched a debate in forums and party branches, in order to come up with ideas and concrete project for further actions that will be taken by the opposition.

The opposition has not heeded the appeals launched so far by the international community, especially by the European Union (EU), to return to parliament and start a political debate inside the institutions of the country.

The opposition is determined in its five requests addressed in the last meeting with the leader of VMRO-DPMNE and prime minister Nikola Gruevski, a meeting which didn’t produce any positive results for constructive dialogue between majority and opposition in resolving the political crisis.

The five demands of the opposition consist on: the formation of a technical government which would guarantee the holding of free elections, the division of the state from the party’s influence, the regulation and freedom of media and the presence of the opposition in the public Macedonian Radio Television, the cleansing of the voters’ list and the registration of the population.

Analysts and political opinion makers say that such actions warned by the opposition will not have a big political effect in front of the policies followed by VMRO-DPMNE of Nikola Gruevski.

Macedonian analyst, Vladimir Misev says that he cannot judge the action of the opposition to form a shadow government or a shadow parliament, but according to him, the opposition would have more strength if it’s part of institutions.

“The impact of the opposition outside institutions will  be limited in the aspect of legal proposals and incentives. The scope of the formation of a shadow government is to prepare for the future government once opposition comes into power”, says Misev.

Bajram Pollozhani, university professor, says that such ideas are more passive and have less effect in politics. According to him, a bigger political effect may be given through protests and civil disobedience, while he stresses the importance of the parliamentary life.

“I think that the role of an opposition party through a shadow government is bigger when the opposition party participates in parliament, launching incentives and criticism. Meanwhile, shadow ministers of that political subject in opposition have more detailed information in the respective domains and often discredit the policies of the government”, says expert of legal issues Bajram Pollozhani for IBNA.

But, political analysts also think that everything will depend on the opposition and on its strategy to challenge the current government. /ibna/