Opposition in FYROM to hold protests and boycott

Opposition in FYROM to hold protests and boycott

Skopje, October 14, 2013

Opposition party Social Democratic League in FYROM will hold protests about the latest arrests of this party’s officials.

This party decided last night to hold a protest today in Skopje and in the Airport of Skopje on the occasion of the arrival of its official, Miroslav Shipovic from a journey in the USA. Shipovic is suspected of abusing with the assets of a former privatized enterprise and state budget amounting to millions of Euros. Shipovic is currently the mayor of Qender commune in Skopje.

While charges were brought upon him, Shipovic was in the USA and through social networks, he announced his arrival today in Skopje and that he’s not guilty for the damages caused to properties of “Miashinopromet” company. LSDM has stressed that this case and other cases are politically motivated by the local government.

LSDM also decided for the mayors elected from this party to freeze their participation in the Communion of Self administration Local Communes, for its MPs to suspend their participation in the parliamentary work groups, while councilors to boycott the next meeting of the communal councils throughout the country. /ibna/