Opposition to block the June 5 elections

Opposition to block the June 5 elections

Skopje, 18 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Speaker of Parliament, Trajko Veljanovski has signed the decision for the early parliamentary elections to be held on June 5. The Central Election Commission seems to be divided as to whether the elections must be held on this date or not. The head of this commission, Aleksandar Cicakovski and two members of the commission from the ranks of the opposition, have abandoned last week’s session, not accepting the proposal according to which there are suitable conditions for the elections.

The disagreements relate to the fact that the voters’ list has not been completely corrected and that there are still fictitious voters, a part of whom are dead, but who are used as numbers on voting day.

The majority of political parties have warned that they will boycott the elections, as there are no conditions for holding them. Other parties have joined the decision of the opposition party SDSM (Social Democratic Party) to boycott elections.

“SDSM will not participate in the June 5 elections and will not allow them. Normal elections in Macedonia will only be held if the voters’ list is adjusted and if the reform in the media takes place”, said the chairman of SDSM, Zoran Zaev.

The largest opposition party PDSH (Albanian Democratic Party), declared through its representative Imer Aliu that there are no conditions for elections.

On his Facebook profile, he said that no conditions have been met for credible elections and that if elections are held with the current system, Albanian parties will lose 5 to 6 MPs.

But the largest parties VMRO-DPMNE and BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) say that there are no suitable conditions for elections and that they must be held to avoid the deep crisis in the country.

“It must be stressed that there are only two relevant factors for the credibility of the elections, the institution that organizes them and the observer. The institution that organizes them is the Central Election Commission, a politically balanced and independent institution, while the observer of the elections is the international community. For us, as BDI, the stances of these two factors alone are decisive”, said Bujar Osmani, spokesman of BDI.

The majority of opposition parties have stressed that they will not participate in the June 5 elections. According to them, there are no suitable conditions to hold the elections. Democratic Union led by Pavle Trajanov demanded for the elections to be postponed to September, while until then, political parties must come to an agreement and guarantee the necessary conditions for fair and democratic elections.

According to the opposition, parties in power are still using state resources to have an impact on voters, there is no reform on the media and that the voters’ list is yet to be corrected.

Meanwhile, political analysts are divided as to whether the necessary conditions for elections have been met.

The head of the European Atlantic Committee in FYROM, Ismet Ramadani told IBNA that there are no conditions for holding the elections on June 5.

“There are no suitable conditions, although the government is rushing into holding them in order to avoid the political crisis and the affairs that have broken out, especially with the investigations taking place by the Special Prosecution. We have still fictitious voters, which have been used as numbers to rig the electoral result. But the citizens do not have faith that the conditions have been met to hold free and democratic elections”, Ramadani said.

Meanwhile, protests are taking place in Skopje and other cities against the recent decree of president of the country, George Ivanov to pardon politicians involved in criminal and corruptive affairs, but now, even against election date. Other protests have been announced today in other cities of the country. /balkaneu.com/