Opposition bloc in Kosovo: Public administration must show professionalism and responsibility

Opposition bloc in Kosovo: Public administration must show professionalism and responsibility

Pristina, August 5, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Opposition coalition LDK-AAK-INCENTIVE says that the institutional vacuum that exists in the institutions of Kosovo, after all these years of bad governance, is seriously damaging institutions and the country. According to the coalition, corruption affairs still continue in the last days of this government in office.

According to the opposition, the fact that PDK has addressed to the Constitutional Court and the desire to secure power not through a parliamentary majority, but through this court, is another testimony that this government is irresponsible.

“In spite of the legal process that we’re in, public administration is obliged to show professionalism and responsibility. We invite permanent secretaries and directors to increase the dynamic of management and not allow this institutional vacuum to be reflected in the life of the citizens”, reads the joint press statement of the opposition.

The leaders of the opposition also revealed some of the details of the program of this governing coalition.

In this context says that it’s very important to stop bad governing practices and secure a smooth transition of power. Nevertheless, the coalition says that the needs of the citizens of Kosovo must go beyond the measures to stop bad governing.

“The citizens of Kosovo need law and order, economic development, better education and better health services. Corruption practices must stop once and for all”, reads the press statement of LDK-AAK-INCENTIVE.

Among others, the coalition said that integration of Kosovo in European Atlantic structures is a priority.

“Our objective is to integrate Kosovo in Euro Atlantic institutions. The entire program shall be focused on this. We will not blame the others for our work. All state mechanisms will be engaged in making a European Kosovo”, ends the press statement issued by the opposition bloc. /ibna/