Opinion poll puts New Democracy firmly ahead of SYRIZA

Opinion poll puts New Democracy firmly ahead of SYRIZA

Main opposition New Democracy maintained its double digit lead over ruling SYRIZA, an opinion poll by Pulse for SKAI television showed on Thursday.

Specifically, the center-left party came in at 34% over left-wing SYRIZA’s 21.5%. Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn tied with the newly established center-left Movement for Change on 7.5%, followed by the Communist Party on 6%. SYRIZA’s ruling coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) fell below the 3% threshold for entry to parliament, garnering 1.5% of preference, while the Union of Centrist stood at 2.5%.

Compared to the previous poll conducted in May 2018, SYRIZA’s ratings were unchanged when deducting for valid votes, while New Democracy gained 2 percentage points. Asked which party they believed would win the next election, 58% of respondents opted for the main opposition party, with 23% saying SYRIZA would win another term.

New Democracy leader Kyriacos Mitsotakis also maintained a double-digit lead over Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in terms of who is considered more suitable for office. Mitsotakis was chosen by 33% of respondents, Tsipras by 23% and 37% said “neither”.

The Pulse survey – conducted 24-26 June – is the first since a Eurogroup decision to grant Greece debt relief, which the government said was a “historic moment” which will turn around the country’s economic fortunes. Nevertheless, 63% of Greeks appear to believe the country is not moving in the right direction, with just 28% appearing positive. It is worth noting that the portion of the public that has a positive outlook has remained more or less the same in size since March 2018.

Specifically on the debt relief measures, 49% saw them as “negative” and 37% had a “positive” view of the Eurogroup decision.

Pulse also asked respondents their opinion about the recent name-change deal struck between Greece and FYROM, noting that 62% had a negative view of it. Among SYRIZA voters, 51% had a more or less positive opinion of the agreement, with 40% viewing it in a negative light. Conversely, the vast majority of New Democracy supporters (86%) took a negative stance towards the deal.

In this context, the majority of Greeks appear to believe the next election will take place either in the first half of 2019 (25%) or the second half of next year (26%), with 38% expecting an early vote to be called before the end of 2018./IBNA