Opinion Poll: Important advantage of SYRIZA in Athens and Thessaloniki

Opinion Poll: Important advantage of SYRIZA in Athens and Thessaloniki

Athens, January 22, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

An important advantage of SYRIZA in Athens and Thessaloniki reveals a new poll conducted by “Opinion Poll” on the website of Star television. According to the poll, the main drawback for the New Republic is that voters do not understand the message Syggrou is trying to convey, while for SYRIZA, the message received by voters is “change”.

Specifically, the voting intention for the electoral district Athens A’, SYRIZA comes first with 33.12%, ND second with 25.5% followed by the KKE with 4.08%, PASOK with 3.80%, Golden dawn with 3.66%, The River with 3.29%, the ANEL with 2.49%, the DIMAR with 1.36% and KI.DI.SO with 0.23%. “No answer”, says the 4.08% of the respondents, for “Other Party” votes 0.09%, while 0.11% goes for White-Invalid.

Regarding the voting intention for Athens B’, SYRIZA is first with 33.18%, ND second with 19.37%, followed by the KKE with 3.11%, the Golden Dawn with 2.86%, the ANEL with 2.74%, PASOK with 2.66%, The River with 2.16%, the KI.DI.SO with 1.30%, LAOS with 1.23%. “No answer” says the 9.76%, “Other Party” plans to vote 0.52%, while White-Invalid is at 0.82%.

To the question which party would you vote for if we had elections tomorrow, 35.31% of the respondents in Thessaloniki A’ replied SYRIZA and 20.19% answered ND. Further down comes Golden Dawn with 6.11%, the ANEL with 5.83%, PASOK with 4.71%, the KKE with 4.49%, The River with 2.43%, LAOS with 0.82%, “Creation Again” with 0.76%, the KI.DI.SO with 0.60% and the Ecologists Greens with 0.52%. “No answer” says 1.24%, 3.69% would vote for “Other Party”, while White-Invalid is at 0.92%.

When the same question was posed to the voter of Thessaloniki B’ electoral district, the results were as follows: SYRIZA with 34.17%, ND with 23.93%, Golden Dawn with 6.95%, the ANEL with 5.80%, The River with 3.25%, the KKE with 2.86%, LAOS with 1.95%, the KI.DI.SO and PASOK are tied with 0.72%. “No answer” says 0.55%, for “Other Party” opts 1.16%, while White-Invalid is at 0.22%.