Opinion Poll: Citizens in favour of proportional representation

Opinion Poll: Citizens in favour of proportional representation

Athens, June 27, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

In favour of the introduction of proportional representation stands the majority of respondents of the public survey conducted by Public Issue, which was published by the pro government newspaper “Avgi”. Most respondents also request, coalition governments, the election of the President of the Republic by the people, introducing referendums on citizens’ initiative, removal of the permanent status of civil servants and the possibility of establishing private universities.

58% of respondents are in favour of proportional representation, with 32% stating their disagreement and 10% not expressing an opinion. Seven in 10 (71%) want coalition governments (in 1996 the figure was 46%, in 2006 55%), while single-party governments prefers 25% of respondents (51% in 1996, 39% in 2006).

The direct election of the highest civic ruler of the people asks 73% of the respondents, with the highest rates appearing to voters of the coalition government (SYRIZA 78% ANEL 77%), while 23% disagree with this perspective.

Possibility of referenda by citizens’ initiative (eg by collecting signatures) wants 62%, while 34% reject this notion.

On the institutional reforms the survey showed that:

– The removal of the permanence of civil servants asks 63% of the respondents (by party preference: The River 89%, Union of Centrists Party 77%, PASOK 69%, SYRIZA 63% ANEL 62% ND 61%, Golden Dawn 42%, KKE 36% ), while 36% prefer maintaining the status quo.

– In favour of the establishment of private universities stands 59% (The River 86%, ND 80%) and 39% against (SYRIZA 54%)

– The State-Church separation wants 53% (The River 89%, KKE 83%, 64% PASOK, SYRIZA 61%, ND 36%), while negative appears 44% of the respondents.

86% of the citizens believes that the country is heading in the wrong direction and only 10% thinks that it goes in the right one, while 69% appear pessimistic, believing that the economic situation of the country will get worse in the next 12 months, compared to 19% that believes will stay the same and 11% that it will gets better.

Their opposition to the Memorandum state 85% of the respondents and only 9% have a positive opinion about it, and as the most important problem of the country (Spontaneous, multiple responses) is recorded by far the financial (61%) followed by unemployment (34%) and the functioning of government, political and party system (24%).