New opening of the Albanian opposition

New opening of the Albanian opposition

The Albanian right wing is preparing for the parliamentary elections of 2017. The big defeat in 2013 and several defeats in local government elections in the three years following the general elections, have encouraged the leader of opposition to open the Democratic Party to those who want to be part of it.

Mr. Basha is convinced that government aggression, purchase of the vote and drug traffic is one of the three main reasons why the left wing won the local government elections of 2015 and the recent partial elections.

However, he has a plan for the DP to improve internal democracy and to be more open for new members.

Mr. Basha assures that “the changing of DP and its opening will be real, credible and irreversible”.

“Along with the democrats, we will offer Albanians a political party that serves their interests and not my interests or the interests of the heads of this party. This will be the change on which they can believe and that will change their life and the destiny of the leaders of a political party”.

Speaking to IBNA how this new process will work out, Mr. Basha said that the scope is for DP to become a party of Albanians which tomorrow will govern Albanians. “It is a process which aims at opening the DP for whomever is ready and wants to give his contribution for a journey whose destination is not only a political rotation, but a policy at the service of the people and not at the service of the elite and a handful of people”.

“The unification of every democrat to respect the opinion of everyone, is the principle that I have announced since day one as leader of this party and will be one of the main principles of the unification and the opening of the party as the process which will give way to new hope for Albania and a policy the essence of which will be the real change and not just political rotation”.

Mr. Basha admits that this process will be difficult and he adds: “It will be attacked by the elites that control politics, economy and the media”.

However, Mr. Basha is optimistic: “I am convinced that along with Albanians, we will manage for the Democratic Party to turn into a hope and opportunity for every Albanians who wants to live and build his life here”.


The Albanian right wing is facing serious difficulties in order to come to power. In a country where the Communist Party ruled for half a century through an authoritarian system, it is difficult to remove left wing mentality among Albanians. What’s more, today’s socialists inherited a party which had been consolidated for 50 years and after a change of name, the party underwent a deep reform since the start of 1990.

It is a fact that the left wing has won most of electoral races, while the right wing saw its culmination at the beginning of ‘90s and after that, it only recognized defeats.

In 1992, a few months after the parliamentary elections, it was defeated in the local government elections. In 1994 it was defeated in a referendum that required constitutional amendments and two years later, it was accused of electoral rigging, which awarded to this part a debatable winning result.

In 1997, the DP conceded a big defeat and remained in opposition for eight years in a row.

A victory in 2005 brought this party back to power, but four years later, it was not able to create a government. The previous leader, Sali Berisha entered a coalition with the SMI, a party established in 2004 as a result of inner conflicts within the SP. They governed together until 2013, when the SMI joined the SP led by Edi Rama with which it continues to govern the country.

The months to come are expected to be decisive for the future of the government and the opposition. The position that the SMI has is important, as its votes secure the necessary numbers to govern, by both left and right. /