OP/ED: Narratives are not built on “supposed” scandals

OP/ED: Narratives are not built on “supposed” scandals

The completion of the second review highlighted the narrative deficit of New Democracy. Having invested in the failure of the negotiation for the completion of the second review of the program, and having insisted on the need for an early election, the main opposition party found itself in a dead end following the decision of the 15 June Eurogroup on the Greek program.

The review was closed, perhaps not in the best way for Greece, but surely not in the worst. The gaps and controversial issues of the program are not few, but still not enough to greatly influence Greece’s small steps towards re-accessing markets.

Perhaps due to its misinformation from contacts with the institutions, or the inadequacy of its officials, New Democracy managed to trap itself in supporting the failure of the review and in creating a narrative based on the call for a snap election in order for the country to exit the crisis.

New Democracy’s one issue politics based on the “failure – elections” idea, worked as a bronchus for Kyriacos Mitsotakis, who, in order to avert the complete collapse of his narrative, attempted via his party officials to create a new narrative of scandals.

The former prominent member of New Democracy, now Independent Greeks (ANEL) party leader, Defense Minister and coalition partner to Alexis Tsipras, Panos Kammenos, was targeted via reports in friendly media that oppose the government and news portals, for his involvement as an interlocutor with a man accused in a drugs dealing case which touches upon many, but without investigations having any legal result so far.

It is not the first time that Panos Kammenos becomes the target of New Democracy. From the moment he left – or was expelled from New Democracy as some maintain – he came under fire from his former cadres. The fact that Panos Kammenos and the current ND leadership had been living for a long time under the same political roof, makes them all restrained, cautious and of course no one deals with their common past, which certainly has many skeletons hidden away. Who would like to open the Aeolus pouch?

However, to create a scandalous narrative on the phone calls of someone – even a minister – who urges a convict not to be afraid to testify and reveal what he knows, or on the flying as a co-pilot on a helicopter, or on an inappropriate posting of a tie online, is no sign that the main opposition is serious.

Unfortunately, for the opposition and for the government, the populism used in the New Democracy policy does not promote Greece’s political needs, but it strengthens introversion, a practice that weakens the country’s political staff.

SYRIZA had, of course, done the same thing when it was in the opposition, with the result that there was a serious problem in it policy during the first period of his governance.

Consensus and cooperation on major issues is political civilization, and sooner or later they should understand it. In addition, it has been written in Greece and abroad that the traditional formations are considered unreliable and the world is looking for alternatives, even outside party mechanisms./ΙΒΝΑ