OP/ED: Final Curtain ready to Fall on Greek Media

OP/ED: Final Curtain ready to Fall on Greek Media

The curtain is drawing to a close for Greek media that were once powerful and which marked Greek political life in both a negative and a positive way. Lambrakis Press, Mega Channel TV, Pegasus and other Greek media are a breath away from closing after a long glorious (and infamous) history.

It is a shame of course that hundreds of personnel will find themselves out of work, losing their last shred of income in what is a difficult economic period. However this does not make them blameless, since it is with their support, that they gave their employer’s power, putting aside any journalistic ethics, just so they do not lose their job. For some a well paid job and for others a “paid” job.

Of course it was a shame and also unfair that more than 1 million workers have lost their jobs during the seven years that Greece has been in recession. But they, that one million, did not bear the weight of the names that signed articles and reports in the media and were mediators to power. They were just numbers on an unemployment list. Pure statistics and nothing more.

During difficult times reality is cruel, nobody can escape their problems. Particularly, if the business plan the company is founded on, is based on state money and unsecured loans.

The economic crisis that later emerged, the reforms which took place, shook things into place. The free economy supporters, which supported them with their headlines had to adjust. This is of course difficult to do when you have become accustomed to be maintained by state money and unsecured loans from state banks.

But this type of business logic does not only harm the business environment but also the way that journalism is practiced.

A journalism that is characterised by a blatant intervention in political life, misery, hatred, sensationalism and a civil service mentality on the part of the journalists, totally ignoring journalistic ethics.

Many were the people that invested in a short-lived left – wing SYRIZA-ANEL government. They believed that they would return to “normality” and that there would be no problem with their business pursuits. But, so far their estimates have fallen on deaf ears, as have their businesses.

As for the journalists who will be unemployed, it is time for them to also realise what reality means, to reflect on their mistakes, to become real journalist – reporters and follow other shining examples in the Media sector such as the co-operative newspaper “Efimerida ton Syntakton” [”Newspaper of Journalists”]. The closure of the once mighty “Eleftherotypia”, created this truly modern newspaper that is showing the way for print journalism./ΙΒΝΑ