Op-Ed/Tsipras: Socialist or Leftist?

Op-Ed/Tsipras: Socialist or Leftist?

Athens, February 27, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

In a Europe divided, full of contradictions and intense introversion, the Greek Prime Minister is trying to balance between realism and the left ideology. The realism is required to solve the serious problems generated within the country, both with the continuing economic crisis and the increased flow of refugees into the country, is in stark contrast with the ideology of a Left that has faded but still gives hope for a large part of the people.

Alexis Tsipras, as the new leader of the European United Left GUE/NGL, has given his battle in the first seven months of 2015, to implement part of his programmatic announcements, for Greece’s exit from the crisis and to negotiate another type of program. Judging from the result, he did not succeed. Not because he did not want to, but he could not do it. The mortgaged Greece that was left by the governments of the dipole that governed the country during the period that followed after the reinstatement of democracy in 1974, had to pay its debts. And he paid that fact with a Memorandum, which included those that New Democracy and PASOK had not done in previous governments. SYRIZA paid the bill for the two parties that ruled the country between 1974 and 2014.

Tsipras believed in the vision of the EU visionaries. He thought Democracy and solidarity as dominant components of the People’s Europe. His Left ideology blinded him to the fact that these things have no place in the Europe built by Germany and was trapped in a negotiation that was lost from the beginning.

Social reactions, although not as strong as one would expect, although domestic media are trying to inflate them, do not cease to be a problem for the government. However, the measures must be taken and the structure of Greece to change for the better. And that is a bet that the SYRIZA – ANEL government must win.

But the increase in refugee flows from Syria-Turkey, has put the Government off the target set in the Memorandum it signed. It has become a major issue, which with the insensitivity of many Europeans, is threatening to become the loop that will put an end to the efforts of the Government.

Alexis Tsipras need allies. Not at home but abroad. Mateo Renji extended a helping hand and invited-challenged him to move to the European Group of the Socialist Party. In a relevant question by IBNA, the Government representative Olga Gerovasili, ruled out any possibility of SYRIZA moving to the PES.

But the need for strong alliances is given. The GUE/NGL can not to offer him that and this is something Alexis Tsipras knows. But it is difficult to leave the European group that has elected him its leader. Socialists on the other hand want a leading party in their midst. And Alexis Tsipras along with Matteo Renji are the new leaders of the European political scene.

Alexis Tsipras must choose and the sooner he does it the more benefits he will rip, for Greece, for him and for the Left. Leaders are made for the difficult decisions. Is Alexis Tsipras a leader? It’s up to him to prove it.