Op-Ed/Trade of oregano as opposed to the trade of cannabis

Op-Ed/Trade of oregano as opposed to the trade of cannabis

“Drug money never brings development and wellbeing for a country, it only seals its doom”

By Nikollaq Neranxi

Currently, for our companies in Albania is the time to collect oregano, being one of the spices that we sell. This time, individuals who have been asked by the company to do this, returned empty handed. When they were asked how much oregano they collected this year, cultivators answered through a laugh which never seem to end.

“You’re living in the past, people! Who is cultivating oregano now? We know what to cultivate now!”, was the reply that they all gave.

Thus, after collecting and processing spices for 25 years, the company is now obliged for the first time to import oregano, because Albanians are now dealing with something else.

I decided to share this experience with the readers, after watching the videos recently published showing the cannabis plantations in our country. These videos show that Albania is drowning in cannabis.

While some narrow minded person may rejoice over the fact that at least some villagers have been employed, I can say that this is the end and the state cannot be more degraded than now!

Every square meter of land has been cultivated with a plant which is forbidden by the law and which benefits people with power and criminals.

This is a business which undergoes no controls as a lucrative activity and the money generated from it disrupt the rules of the market economy, politics, justice and every other instance in this country.

After we see these images, where do the institutions of this drugged country find the courage to come and harass us, the business people who have earned every penny with work, to see if we have issued receipts and if we have paid taxes when taxes have gone up by 100 times!

While cannabis has been collected and sold and the untouchables have folded their money, I am a little busy finding foreign suppliers in order to import oregano. Trust me, I don’t envy you! I love the job that I do and the way I do it, but I hate injustice and I react every time I get a chance! It would be nice if we all reacted a little more.

* President of the Association for the Protection of Traders and Market of Albania, former MP of the Socialist Movement for Integration

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line