OP-ED/The past must not hold to ransom the development of Kosovo

OP-ED/The past must not hold to ransom the development of Kosovo

By Isa Mustafa

The state affairs and interests are more important than internal disputes and rivalries for particular issues. Someone must govern Kosovo and this someone could be LDK, PDK, Self Determination, AAK, Incentive and parties that represent non majority communities. None of us had the sufficient votes to govern the country alone.

But, all of these parties received the confidence of the citizens of Kosovo to govern. And it cannot be said that a given subject or coalition is not desired by the citizens. Citizens show their support for a party or coalition through the ballot that they cast. This is the language of the vote and language of democracy.

I and LDK respected this logic, we respected the votes that we received from our citizens as a political subject and we are still saying that we will deliver the promises that we made, but we also respected the votes received by other political subjects, including PDK with the parties of the pre election coalition.

Coalition between PDK and LDK represents the vote of the majority of the citizens of Kosovo and we are obliged to turn this will into reality. Citizens have supported the programs of economic development and employment; citizens have supported the promises for the strengthening of the rule of law, fight against corruption and organized crime, citizens have supported European integration and Euro-Atlantic integration, they have supported the special relations with the United States of America.

We have a governing cabinet with well educated people, with people who have a personal integrity and who have not been involved in criminal activities. Then, why shouldn’t we have faith that we will all be able to meet those objectives that join us and the citizens that voted us?

I believe that our MPs have not entered parliament to revenge about the past. We may recall the icon of the state of Kosovo, Nekibe Kelmendi, whose two sons and husband were slaughtered by Serb gangs and to defend the interests of the state of Kosovo, she was able to sit down and talk to the Serbs, here in Parliament and international institutions.

This is the greatness of man: to put the state’s interests above the suffering of the past. Therefore, those who have the responsibility of decision making in this country, must not be act upon what their children or parents told them when they left for work.

It would be a great achievement if Parliament and the Government are able to create the necessary conditions for justice to offer its verdict. At the moment when someone has accepted to become member of parliament, he has accepted the logic that the institutions of the country will do their job, including the making justice and that Parliament and Government are not there to make justice for the past.

On the other hand, our differences are much smaller than our interest to build a state for which entire generations were sacrificed. I am confident that we will make it.

*The author is prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo

** The opinion of the author doesn’t necessarily represent IBNA’s editorial line