Op-Ed/The democracy of the Media in the Turkish coup

Op-Ed/The democracy of the Media in the Turkish coup

Athens, July 25, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

In articles and analisis published in Anadolu Agency there is mention to the way the international media saw the attempted coup in Turkey. These articles highlight the role played by the news agencies at certain times, when indirectly they caused confusion and enhanced the coup instigators, as well as the ongoing attack against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tarnishing as they write, Turkey’s image abroad.

The truth is that during the first hours of the coup attempt in Turkey, many governments and media waited to see the outcome of the coup and then take a position in favour of one side or the other.

How much democracy does this behavior hide, when the military attempts to overthrow Democracy in a country where the government has been elected a few months ago with a very large support of the people? Democratic sensibilities do not discriminate, but react immediately to any attempt to interrupt a democracy.

Do the powerful of this world want Democracy or are they more interested to have pupet democracies they can manipulate?

The West continues to behave in accordance with its interests and not with political correctness. The example of Ukraine is not far away. Neither is that of Syria, in which the policy of the West continues to cause innumerable deaths, not only in the country itself but also in European countries and the US.

At the time of the immediate dissemination of information, the media play their role in this game. Elated by the power they tried to and eventually got by politicians, they support and assist in the establishment of the decisions of the “big” of this planet.

Their role has been made known since the Gulf War, until more recently the conflict in Syria and the Turkish coup. The media ofcourse could not remain uninvolved in regard to the greek debt and the involvement of the IMF in the greek program. The leaks in Reuters and the Financial Times by EU officials during the negotiations were by no means incidental. Added to these were leaks afrom the German chancellery and the German Ministry of Finance, aimed at misleading public opinion.

How random were the news from NBC that the Turkish President requested asylum in Germany? A news that indirectly confirmed the victory of the rebels and weaken the Turkish President.

How random are the reports for the reintroduction of the death penalty, which Erdogan  will supposedly bring, when up to now no such issue has been brought before the institutions. How much more undemocratic is the declaration of a state of emergency by Turkey than when it is issued by France or Belgium or the US in 2001?

What are the media really aiming at? To more democracy in Turkey or more intervention in Turkey? Who really benefits from the destabilization of the region?

And if we speak of Democracy, what is the democracy in Europe? The economic junta imposed by Germany to Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy or the legitimate elected government of a party that has the support of 50% of the Turkish people?

The West continues to make the same mistake for years by thinking and operating with its own criteria, political, cultural and economic. Whoever follows them is right, whoever questions them is an enemy. Unfortunately for the West, the world extends beyond its borders.